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Watch St. Louis Rams Preseason Football on your computer

August 8, 2013

If you are out of market and want to watch the St Louis Rams preseason games this year you have a couple of options. First you can pay for a preseason subscription from the NFL, keep reading and I will share a promo code that will get $5 off.  That brings the price down to […]

Remembering 1999 and the Birth of “The Greatest Show on Turf”

November 14, 2011

Way back on Oct 10th, 1999 my wife and I drove from Dallas, TX to St Louis to watch the  St Louis Rams VS the San Francisco 49ers.  The Rams were on a hot streak, their new QB Kurt Warner had the offense on a roll but they were facing their first really tough opponent […]

Rams Fans Join Us on Facebook

September 9, 2011

Join other Rams Fans on Facebook. By connecting with us on Facebook you will be able to post on the forum using your Facebook user name and account information. One more way to connect Rams fans to each other and all the Rams news surrounding the team.

Watch Rams Preseason Football on your Computer

August 13, 2011
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If you are looking for a place to watch the Rams preseason games you can order the NFL preseason package for $19.99 at NFL.com.  I will be watching the game, join me in the chat room and lets talk RamsFootball.

“Like” Us on Facebook

July 31, 2011

See that link down in the lower right of the page… the one that says “RamsFootball.com on Facebook”?  Click that like button and get all the Rams news delivered right to your Facebook account.  Show the world that you are a Rams fan and click the like button, you know you want to.  😉

RamsFootball.com is Now Smart Phone Friendly

July 31, 2011

If you have a smart phone and want to keep up with all the St Louis Rams news on the go just point your iPhone or Android browser to www.RamsFootball.com. All the Rams news that is featured on the site will be there for you formatted for your smart phone.